5 Benefits of Installing Shower Glass in Your Bathroom

A picture of a bathroom with a shower glass

If your bathroom is due for an update, you’re probably considering options like a new bathtub enclosure or a shower door replacement. If you want to make the most of your investment, adding glass can improve your enjoyment of the space and potentially deliver a high-value payoff in the long run. Here are five advantages of installing glass in your shower and bath area.

1. Improved esthetics

Installing shower glass can transform your showering experience into a spa-like indulgence. You improve the quality of light in the space and give the room a much more spacious feel. Additionally, the smooth surface and texture of the glass will make you never again want to fuss with a flimsy shower curtain.

2. Increased privacy

While glass may not say “private” to you at first glance, you can have a custom-designed sandblasted or digitally printed bath glass panel to create an opaque surface. You can decide on the level of privacy you prefer. You can also play with unique patterns, graphics and colours.

3. Enhanced functionality

The beauty of upgrading your bathroom from shower curtains to a glass shower enclosure is that you have more control of water movement, as splashes are contained within the sealed space. From a safety point of view, the tempered glass used in glass doors and enclosures for showers is typically four times as thick as regular glass. In the highly unlikely event of breakage, it’s designed to shatter into smooth pellets rather than sharp shards.

4. Easier maintenance

Over time, the humid conditions of your shower area can make conventional shower curtains unsightly and turn them into a breeding ground for bacteria. A bathtub with a glass enclosure or a glass wall around your shower space is much easier to care for — all you need is a squeegee and a soft cloth to wipe down the surface. Plus, you can see that crystal-clear cleanliness with the naked eye.

5. Increased property value

With a sophisticated new bathroom design and improved safety features, your investment in a glass shower enclosure will add to the value of your home. Additionally, you reduce your risk of issues related to water seepage, such as mildew or rotting.

How much does it cost to install glass shower doors? The cost can vary depending on the materials and the level of customization you require. Talk to a professional glass manufacturer to explore the possibilities and learn what works with your budget. 

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