Bird Friendly Glass


Bird collisions occur when images of trees and skies are reflected off glass buildings which then mislead birds to flying full force into windows that appear to be their natural habitat and often result in death. Estimates of annual mortality rates range in the USA alone range from 100 million to 1 billion (Klem 2004, Hager, er al. , 2013), and in Canada range from 6 million to 14 million (Machtans et al., in press).

Birds are essential to sustaining our environment: they consume billions of insects daily, pollinate plants and disperse seeds. By following the bird-friendly development guidelines, we can reduce the migratory bird deaths and enhance the natural biodiversity within our urban environment.

Implementing bird-safe glass solutions by using digitally printed or "fritted" glass will help alleviate reflections. Print dots/patterns with the option of various sizes and densities or any kind of image, translucent or opaque to create visual markers and help birds indicate that they are solid objects to be avoided (must follow the 2x4 rule where marker spaces should not exceed 2" in height by 4" in width).