Commercial and office space partition with protective glass

From meeting rooms to coworking spaces, glass partitions offer a modern and versatile solution for dividing office and commercial spaces, seamlessly blending functionality with esthetics. At Verrage Glass and Mirror Inc., we can help you create a glass partition system for your space. Contact us or fill out our contact form for a quote.

Types of glass partition systems for office areas

Various types of glass partitions are available for office spaces, each with unique features and functionalities suited to different needs and preferences. Here are four:

  1. Frameless glass partitions provide a sleek and modern look by eliminating visible frames, offering uninterrupted views and maximizing natural light. They create an open and spacious feel within the office while maintaining a sense of transparency and connectivity between different areas.
  2. Framed glass partitions feature aluminum or steel frames around the edges of the glass panels, providing structural support and stability. They’re highly customizable in frame design, colour and finish.
  3. Acoustic glass partitions are designed with soundproofing properties to control noise levels within the office environment. They typically feature double- or triple-pane glass with specialized acoustic seals to minimize sound transmission, ensuring privacy and concentration in shared workspaces.
  4. Custom glass partitions are tailored to specific requirements, incorporating unique designs, dimensions and features to meet the needs of individual office layouts and branding preferences. They offer flexibility regarding glass type, finish, transparency and decorative elements, allowing for solutions that reflect the company’s identity and enhance the overall workspace ambiance.

Covid-19 protective glass partitions

Tempered glass partitions offer a clean look while promoting physical distance and protecting customers and workers from spreading viruses and germs. Similar to sneeze guards, glass partitions provide an excellent solution to create safe barriers on existing desks, fixtures and seating plans, and their clear esthetics blend in with any furnishings.

Glass is easy to clean and sanitize, making it a natural, sustainable, more hygienic, less expensive and more permanent alternative to plexiglass acrylic types of dividers. Glass is also far more resistant to scratches than acrylic, resulting in minimal long-term replacements.

Create a “personal safe space” with glass partitions during uncertain times. Glass is the answer!

Benefits of glass partition systems for business and office environments

Glass partitions in offices offer many benefits that contribute to a more productive and dynamic work environment, including:

Glass partitions for commercial businesses

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