Patterned Glass


Patterned glass is created from a design that has been imprinted into the glass to create a seamless textured pattern. The advantages of patterned glass are evident, allowing a range from total privacy to semi-private or obscure. Available in different thicknesses depending on the style, the use of patterned glass has grown from just windows into doors, sidelights, partitions, cabinet doors, stairway railings and many more. Some patterned glass can also be tempered if the glass is thick enough for durability to ensure safety and security purposes.

Benefits of Patterned Glass

Patterned glass is a wonderful way to add light and shadows, colour, and texture to any space. It is chosen for its:

varied aesthetic appeal

limited transparency which creates privacy

ability to divide space without compromising light


Custom Patterned Glass

If you want to customize your glass project for aesthetic or functional reasons, you can create something unique by incorporating patterned glass with other processes such as lamination, back painting and digital printing.

*NEW - Verrage now offers Digital Printing directly onto patterned glass for an added texture effect.

You can also customize your patterned glass with textures. Textured glass allows you to:

Request decorative glass for architectural elements such as:


Here are some commonly requested patterned glass textures and styles.

Further customizing options, including colour, patterns, and sizes are available upon request. Please contact us.

Patterned Glass at Home

Patterned, textured, and decorative glass can all be used in your home and other residential properties to add beauty, function, and style to any room. Glass can be used in:

kitchens: add contrasting colour and texture to walls through decorative glass backsplashes

stairwells: use decorative glass for stairs or railings

common areas: add glass tops to furniture to reflect light or use mirrors to add depth

walls and partitions: use textured glass to divide space or to create privacy in certain areas

bathrooms: glass shower enclosures are modern, clean, and bright

Patterned Glass in Commercial Settings

Patterned, textured, and decorative glass are often found in commercial buildings of all types. They are frequently used for windows for aesthetic purposes, but they can also be used to help with energy efficiency, acoustics, and façade strength. Furthermore, wherever patterned, textured, or decorative glass is used inside your home, it can also be used inside commercial buildings, particularly as office partitions and in stairwells and common areas. Office kitchens and public washrooms are other common commercial uses for patterned glass.

Contact us to discuss your plans and ideas for patterned, textured, or decorative glass.