Digital Printing on Glass


Ceramic Frit Digital Glass Printing is on the cutting edge of technology. Six colors are used to create photo realistic images with highest quality resolution. This Ceramic Frit inkjet system has been specifically designed for glass printing. It not only guarantees the best print resolution and aesthetic quality on the smooth glass surface but also maximum durability. The ceramic finish will not fade, wear or scratch off. Ceramic Frit technology can be applied to virtually any kind of glass surface. The image or picture can also be split up into segments, which can then be applied to different pieces of glass. The single image can then create a complete exterior storefront, curtain wall or interior partition. Ceramic Frit Digital Glass Printing can be used for a wide variety of applications, architectural, interior design and art or automotive. The possibilities are nearly endless. Customers simply need to provide the graphic design or picture to be reproduced in digital format.


Ceramic Frit Digital Glass Printing is on the cutting edge of technology. View our interactive catalog and discover all the different possibilities of this breakthrough ink-jet system...


The smooth matte effect of etching provides a degree of privacy while allowing full and effective use of natural lighting. Properties such as density, opacity, and color tints control the translucency and light transmission, and create a striking and very natural ambience in building interiors.

Verrage offers two series of Etch inks:

  1. Digital Etch ink delivers a semi-transparent frosted appearance ensuring a high degree of privacy.

  2. Digital White Etch ink provides a pleasant etched appearance without hampering the flow of ambient light.