5 Creative Ways to Use Glass in Your Home

Creative Ways to Use Glass in Your Home

Canadian homeowners are showing new levels of interest in interior design. More specifically, Canadians want to find ways to combine comfort, visual appeal, and functionality in their homes.

If you're starting new interior renovation projects, don't overlook the many uses of glass for home design. 

You can use glass for railings, walls, tabletops, and more. Not only is glass a versatile choice, but it also adds a sophisticated and modern touch to any style or design.

Ready to learn more? Read on for five creative ways to use glass in your interior design.

1. Glass Railings

Staircases are one of the more difficult things to redesign because they play an integral role in any home's structure. However, you don't have to move or completely rebuild your staircase to give it an upgrade. Line your stairs and landings with glass railings to open up each floor for an upscale loft-inspired look.

Glass Railings

2. Glass Partitions and Walls

These days, Canadian home buyers yearn for bigger properties but home developers aren't delivering. One option is to create the illusion of more space by taking out solid dividers and installing glass walls and partitions. This will allow the light to shine through and make each room in your home look more spacious, even as the square footage remains the same. 

Glass Partitions and Walls

3. Glass Tabletops

What if you're looking for ways to use glass for home design that will still have a major impact? Glass slabs make fantastic tabletops, from large dining room tables to coffee tables and nightstands. Glass tabletops are elegant and eye-catching and, as a bonus, they're easy to clean. 

Glass Tabletops

4. Glass Doors

Take note that new interior doors have one of the best ROI rates in the Canadian housing market, making glass doors a good choice if you have an eye on the value of your property. Use tinted or patterned glass to create privacy without cutting off the open flow and airiness of your home design. You can also replace run-of-the-mill shower curtains with glass shower doors for a spa-like experience in your full bathrooms.

Glass Doors

5. Glass Shelves

Open, floating shelves are a popular choice across design styles, from modern and minimalist to cozy and eclectic. Using glass for your shelving creates those desirable clean lines while letting your books, decor, and other items steal the show. Glass shelves pair perfectly with bold paint colours and patterned wallpaper by reducing the amount of visual clutter and letting those designs shine through.

Glass Shelves

Verrage Glass Customizes Glass for Home Design

If you're looking for ways to upgrade your home, consider glass for home design projects. There are many different types of glass and cuts to choose from so that you can create custom pieces and structures.

Do you have an Ontario home project in mind that involves custom glass? Contact Verrage Glass to find out how we can help. We serve residential and commercial clients in Woodbridge, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Aurora Markham, Vaughan and the surrounding region. Our services range from production machine cutting to digital printing, and we use only the highest-quality glass for each custom project.