Custom mirrors for fitness studios and gyms

A woman exercises in a gym.

In the gym, mirrors are more than just for checking your appearance; they can significantly enhance the workout experience. Here are four common ways that mirrors can be used in fitness spaces:

  1. To help improve form. Mirrors are essential for individuals looking to check and maintain proper form during exercises. By observing their body positioning, alignment and movement, gym-goers can ensure they perform exercises correctly and prevent any potential injuries. Mirrors can provide visual feedback that helps users to identify areas that need improvement and correct them.
  2. To increase light. Mirrors can create a feeling of space and light in buildings with limited windows or outdoor access. This can be especially helpful for gyms in basements, inside shopping centres or strip mall units that may not have adequate access to natural light. Mirrors help reflect the available light and make the fitness space brighter and more inviting.
  3. To give the illusion of more space. By reflecting the space around them, mirrors can make a room feel larger and more open, creating an inviting atmosphere that encourages gym-goers to engage in their workouts. This can be especially helpful for small gyms or fitness studios with little space.
  4. To help track progress. Mirrors allowguests to track their progress and see the changes in their body throughout the fitness journey. Seeing the results of their hard work can motivate and encourage individuals to continue working towards their fitness goals.

3 types of mirrors suitable for gyms

Here’s a look at three types of mirrors often seen in workout spaces:

  1. Full-length mirrors. These are an excellent option for providing a comprehensive view of the entire body, particularly for exercises that involve the lower body, such as squats or lunges.
  2. Angled mirrors. Installing mirrors at various angles can help capture different perspectives. This can be especially helpful in areas with multiple workout stations or group exercise classes, ensuring everyone has a clear view of their form from different angles.
  3. Mirroredwalls. Creating feature walls using mirrors can add aesthetic appeal to the fitness space. Mirrored walls can make the room feel more spacious and open, creating an inviting atmosphere that encourages users to engage in their workouts.

You can even integrate your business’ branding or motivational quotes into the mirror design to add a personal touch and reinforce the positive and motivating atmosphere within the space.

Custom mirrors for workout spaces

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