The Critical Role of Decorative Glass in Office Branding

An office building with a glass partition is in view.

“Signs,” the old song goes, “everywhere are signs,” but rather than “blocking the scenery,” as Five Man Electrical Band sings, they can be made of decorative glass and used to build up your company’s corporate identity inside and outside of your office space.


According to the online commerce platform, Shopify, “corporate branding is a strategy that contextualizes and promotes your brand, [it] encompasses your brand logo, values, tone, messaging, purpose, offering, target audience, and market differentiation.”

“Whoa,” you think. “Tall order.” But with commercial glass, you can easily transmit these branding elements to your current and future clients and staff while creating a visually pleasing, functional office environment.

Why Glass?

Why not glass? Whether you rent or own your office space, office glass can be used in a cost-effectiveway that allows you to make use of existing storefront and interior windows and glass, in either a permanent or semi-permanent way.

Commercial Glass Options for Rented Spaces

Glass can be a great way to help advertise your business. This way you can use existing features as signs that advertise and promote your business while also indicating your location. With sandblasted glass or digital printing, any length of glass can be converted into a branding tool.

Sandblasting can be used to etch a design or logo into any glass panel, creating a beautiful and subtle tool for marketing your logo. They can be used on doors, single panels, wall partitions, and more.

Meanwhile, digital printing is cutting-edge technology that allows for the creation of photo-realistic images in high resolution. The possibilities are nearly endless! Just provide your image in digital format and let us go to work.

Office Glass

Laminates can also be added to interior office glass that you add to your rental office space as:

These types of office glass can also be customized with your logo, brand colors, and other elements including mottos, catchphrases, and even mission statements or values through digital printing and etching. Back painting or other tinting techniques can also be used to take away the transparency of the glass andallow for the printed sign to be more clearly seen/read.

Identity & Branding Through Glass

Since glass can be covered, replaced, coloured, etched, and personalized in a variety of ways, it is a versatile material that can be used as promotional signage on storefront windows and as information or directional signage on interior office windows, doors, or office glass partitions. Indeed, including branded commercial glass partitions throughout your office space adds a cohesive feel not only to the décor but to the office and the team.

Decorative Glass for Signs and Branding in the GTA

From Woodbridge to Thornhill, Aurora, and Vaughan, you can find decorative glass solutions for successful business branding at an affordable price at Verrage Glass and Mirror Inc. We have been providing beautiful and practical commercial glass to offices, businesses, and other commercial enterprises in the GTA for over 30 years. Contact us today for personalized glass partitions, decorative and protective glass, or any of our many commercial glass products.