Advantages of Tempered Glass for Showers

An image of a tampered glass for showers

Whether you enjoy hour-long showers or prefer energy-conserving 3-minute alternatives, high-quality shower doors are an important part of any Canadian household.

Tempered glass for showers is a great way to get maximum durability and a classy but contemporary aesthetic. Read on to learn the benefits of installing tempered glass shower doors during your upcoming home renovations.

It's Strong

To create tempered glass for showers, manufacturers take an annealed glass and heat it up to an extremely hot temperature. Once it's hot enough, they remove it from the furnace and rapidly cool it.

This puts it in a compressed state and keeps the core of the glass under heavy tension. Compression means that the glass develops a stress pattern inside that makes it incredibly strong.

Tempered glass shower doors can be up to five times more durable than annealed options. They also are about three times stronger than heat-treated glass.

It's Safe

When tempered glass breaks, though, the stored energy from the stress pattern releases in seconds. Instead of breaking into sharp shards, the glass will break into tiny round pebbles. This is why tempered glass is often called "safety glass."

It's Heat-Resistant

Tempered shower glass safety doesn't start and stop with the way that it breaks. It also is far more resistant to heat than other glass types. This is because it has strong edges that won't melt or warp.

You won't need to worry about replacing your shower doors frequently because they've been ruined by steam from refreshing hot showers.

You also won't need to worry about thermal breakage from the water's direct heat. The glass doesn't expand and contract easily, so it's much safer for areas that have regular heat.

It's Sleek and Modern

Tempered decorative glass is also a great addition to your bathroom decor. The initial heat treatment makes it clearer than other types of glass. It's also more resistant to scratches and cracks, which keeps it looking amazing for a long time.

You can also get several tempered glass patterns. Fogged glass is common, but you can get geometric shapes etched onto the surface if you prefer. You also might enjoy a frameless door with your ultra-clear glass if you want a unique and modern transparent look.

Get Tempered Glass for Showers Today

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