Glass Finishes for Stunning Shower Designs

An image of a glass shower

When it comes to home interior style and luxury, few things can make a bigger impression than well designed and elegant bathrooms. Among all the elements of a classy bathroom, glass shower doors are the ones who are going to stand out and dictate its style and design. But with so many glass finishes available in the market, which one should you choose for your shower door? In this blog, we are going to explore various glass patterns and discover how they can contribute to your shower enclosure’s design so that you can have the luxury bathroom you have always dreamed of. Let’s look into it

Clear Glass

Clear glass is one of the most popular choices of shower doors, since it offers a clean and neutral design. It can be easily combined with a wide range of elements as it doesn’t usually stand out as much as other glass finishes. This type of glass is also a great choice for those who have small bathroom and want to avoid any claustrophobic feelings that opaque options might cause in tight showers. However, as a general rule, clear glass usually requires more frequent cleaning as smudges and water marks are more easily seen in this type of finish.

Frosted Glass

Produced by sandblasting sheets of clear glass, frosted glasses are a great option for those looking for a design that brings light and privacy at the same time. This type of finish is opaque enough to prevent people from see you through the glass, but also translucent enough to allow light to go through, which provides you with a vivid and bright bathroom design. Additionally, frosted glass is also a good option for those looking for a finish that can hide sludge and water marks on the surface of the glass.

Etched Glass

Technically, etched glass and frosted glass are both made by changing the appearance of clear glass with abrasive materials. However, the term etched glass is usually used in the market to refer to glasses that were frosted with the intention of achieving a specific pattern. In most cases, this is done with the help of masking tapes that protect parts of the glass in the process, which creates unique designs. Ideal for those who are looking for a more sophisticated style, etched glass offers the possibility of adding a wide variety of patterns to your glass shower door. As some areas of etched glass doors are clear and transparent, privacy and visibility will depend on the pattern you choose.

Patterned Glass

If you are looking for a glass shower door that will add elegance and style to your bathroom, patterned glass is definitely an option to consider. Created from imprinted designs, patterned glass finishes add style and texture to your shower door, which provides your bathroom with a refined and classic atmosphere. However, it is important to know that, in most cases, patterned glass is not as opaque as frosted glass. Even though it adds texture to your door, they can be fairly translucent. For that reason, just like etched glass, privacy will also depend on the pattern chosen for your glass door.

Shower Enclosures – Choosing the Right Design and Glass Finish

Round Shower Enclosures

If you want an option that offers style and practicality for most bathroom sizes, corner shower enclosures are likely the best alternative for you. Since they are made with round sheets of glass, they can significantly save space in your bathroom and facilitate access. Since in most cases, round shower enclosures are chosen for smaller bathrooms, it is recommended that you choose clear glass, as opaque options in tight spaces might cause a more claustrophobic sensation.

Sliding Shower Enclosures

If you don’t like the appeal of round shower enclosures but still need an option that can help you save space in your bathroom, sliding shower enclosures could be the right solution for you. As the doors are generally parallel to the glass sheets, they require no clearance around the entrance. Moreover, these shower enclosures are typically easy to clean, which allows you to choose clear glass if that is the style you prefer.

Pivot Shower Enclosures

Those who have larger bathrooms have the possibility of installing pivot shower enclosures. These enclosures count on swinging doors that can open inward and outward, which facilitates mobility and provides a better seal. There is a wide range of design possibilities with this type of enclosure and glass finish will depend on taste and style.

Walk-in Enclosures

Walk-in enclosures are a great option for those looking for easy access as they are made without doors. However, the same feature that provides accessibility also allows water to be splashed in other areas of the bathroom, which may require you to clean your bathroom regularly.

When it comes to choosing a glass style for walk-in shower enclosures, opaque options are typically more suitable. Since the absence of a door will naturally provide visibility, it is recommended that you balance your enclosure’s design with less transparent glass finishes, such as frosted, etched, or patterned glass.

Walk-in enclosures are an excellent alternative if you need practicality for your bathroom and versatility when choosing the design of your glass shower door.

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