How Can A Custom Mirror Upgrade Your Space?

A custom mirror is installed in the entrance of a building

Have you ever entered an empty room and it seemed small and uninspiring? After the homeowner finished decorating, you were amazed by how bright and spacious the room felt. That's the dramatic effect a custom mirror design has on a room.

A custom mirror adds depth and life by reflecting motion and light. Installing a mirror on the opposite wall of your living room will allow natural light to flow in. It creates the illusion that there's a second window in your room.

If you're ready to upgrade your living space or consider replacing old mirrors to make a room look bigger, there are a few things to consider. Follow these tips to learn how custom mirrors can transform a room.

A Custom Mirror Adds Light

Since mirrors reflect light, they're a great way to brighten up a dark room. That's why mirrors for bathrooms are very large and amplify light. If possible, hang a mirror on the wall directly across from your window or decorate with a sconce on either side of your mirror.

A large mirror also catches the light from overhead lighting sources. This trick works in rooms that don't have natural light. For instance, if your bathroom has no windows, hang a mirror to reflect and brighten up the lights in the room.

Modernize Your Fireplace

One of the most traditional places to install a mirror is over a fireplace mantle. To make this look even more special, you can have a custom mirror size cut to your fireplace's exact measurements. This way, the mirror softens the overall weight of the mantelpiece. You can also opt for a custom frame to match the style of your mantle itself for a more cohesive look.

Showcase Your Staircase

A mirror reflecting a staircase is an appealing design element. There are three ways to approach a staircase custom mirror design.

The first is to place multiple custom mirror sizes on the wall leading up the staircase to maximize the visual impact. The second is to place a custom mirror in such a way that it reflects light, the beauty of the balustrades, and the wall beyond the stairway. The third is to hang a framed mirror on the wall of a staircase landing.

Framed Custom Mirror Design

Framing a standard-size mirror is one way to stretch a custom mirror budget. Framing is one of the most important elements of a decorative wall mirror.

Since it is the only part of the mirror that can be used as a focal point, choose one that is unique and stands out. You can choose from exotic, bold, or unusual finishes and designs. Artwork can get drowned out with oversized moulding, but it's a great focal point on a mirror.

Create Your Mirror Design

Mirrors aren't just reflective pieces of glass. There are lots of custom mirror designs to create your perfect mirror.

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