How to use decorative glass to improve your space

Are you looking for a radical new way of changing the energy in your home or office space? As you consider interior decorating ideas, don't overlook the huge impact glass can have on your surroundings. Whether considering window replacement, interior privacy dividers or eye-catching new focal points, decorating with glass may be the only element you need to change. Here's a fun guide to using decorative glass in your decor.

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What can glass do for your space?

From increasing visual interest to optimizing your energy usage, glass has plenty of benefits. Here are a few.


Take some time to consider how you'd like to see the esthetic character of your interior space change. Then, explore the different glass styles and treatments to imagine which solution might best achieve your decorating goals.

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Types of decorative glass

Whether you want to improve traffic flow in your space or are looking for a new way to express your unique style, there’s a decorative glass product for you. Take a look at these options.

Patterned glass adds evocative character to your space and is available in a myriad of designs. Fluted or reeded patterns, with evenly spaced, parallel grooves can give your space a modernist vibe. The abstract textures can also create a retro feel. Texture also enhances privacy without blocking light.

Decorative glass can be frosted to provide optimal privacy. There are many types of frosted glass. Some are standard stock options (with and without textures) others can be custom created through the process of sandblasting. Through sandblasting you can create a beautiful frosted pattern on virtually and type of glass.

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Bronze- or grey-tinted windows can reduce the negative impacts of sunlight. It lets natural light in while softening glare and minimizing sun damage to your furniture and fabrics. It also creates a more comfortable indoor experience by reducing glare and helping maintain a stable interior temperature.

Laminated glass offers multiple functional advantages while providing an opportunity for creative expression. Colour lamination can help reduce the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays. The lamination process boosts durability, increasing impact resistance. It also adds an extra level of sound protection, thus reducing noise pollution. Consider rice paper lamination for an elegant, contemporary way to enhance privacy.

Glass is more than just a window material. You can use architectural glass to create walls and room dividers with the added benefit of improved light quality. The material can be customized to your precise size and shape specifications—enhanced privacy without compromising on style.

Not sure which option will work best in your space? Talk to a decorative glass manufacturer about your preferences and ask for their expert advice.

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Custom decorative glass suppliers for Thornhill Vaughan, GTA and the surrounding area

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