Pros and Cons: Types of Glass for Shower Doors (Clear, Frosted, Tinted, Etc.)

An elegant look of a washroom with a glass shower door.

Are you looking to update your bathroom with a new shower? One way of giving your bathroom a refresh is by replacing your shower doors.

Choosing glass for shower doors may sound easy, but there are lots of different options available to you, from completely translucent to textured and patterned designs. Each type of glass offers its own benefits and drawbacks.

So which type of glass is right for your shower doors? This guide will help you decide which glass type is right for your bathroom.

Clear Glass

Let's start with discussing clear vs. frosted shower doors.

Clear glass is a very popular glass for shower doors. It's 100% translucent, which allows it to let the maximum amount of light in. It provides maximum visibility whether you're inside or outside of the shower.

Another reason clear glass is so popular is that it's easy to clean. Spots are easily detected.

It's a style of glass that can go with any bathroom design. A clear glass shower door is considered trendy and modern, giving your bathroom a timeless look.

The negatives? The lack of privacy may be one. It is also a type of glass that tends to smudge easily.

Frosted Glass

If privacy is a concern, frosted glass offers you much more privacy than clear glass. Its opaque nature allows it to still let some light pass through.

Frosted glass also offers several glass design options. You could have a pattern or graphic digitally printed on your shower door. Not everyone offers this option, but at Verrage, we have the skills and technology to do it.

However, frosted glass is harder to clean than clear glass. Dirt and soap scum may accumulate in the patterns of the glass.

Additionally, while frosted glass offers more privacy than clear glass, that also means it lets less light in.

Tinted Glass

The benefit of tinted glass is that it allows you to customize the look of your bathroom and add a little extra colour. There are a variety of tints available, , as well as darker tints, such as greys.

However, if you decide to renovate your bathroom in the future, your tinted shower door may need to be replaced to match your new bathroom design.

Choose Custom Glass for Shower Doors

At Verrage, all of our glass for shower doors are made to order. That means you can customize your doors and enclosures to give your bathroom a truly unique design.

From custom designs with our glass digital printing to a variety of handle and hinge designs, we have what you need for your shower design.

We serve residential and commercial clients in Woodbridge, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Aurora Markham, Vaughan and the surrounding region. For the latest in glass shower door options, contact Verrage.