The Pros of Installing Glass Railings on Your Deck

A couple enjoys a beautiful day on the deck with glass railings.

Many Canadians are making improvements to their homes to add to their quality of life, according to a recent survey. Replacing deck railings adds to the livability and attractiveness of a home. Glass railings are less expensive than you think and will give your home a clean look to match any decor.

Glass railings give your deck an unobstructed view and provide safety and versatility. You'll be sold instantly once you see how glass railing designs can improve your home!

Here's more on the pros of installing glass railings on your deck by using Verrage Glas and Mirror, Inc.

Unobstructed View

Canada's remote areas offer beautiful views of snow-capped mountains, sugar maples, and Douglas firs. Cities offer breathtaking skylines. Glass railing designs give your home the view it deserves!

You no longer have to 'look over' wooden lattice or other deck railing materials. Installing deck railings using glass allows you to sit in a chair, sip a drink, and soak in the view.

Metal, wood, and other deck railing materials block the scenery, but glass does the opposite.

Canadians are spending more than $6,000 on outdoor renovations. Why not choose to spend money on an unobstructed view?


Replacing deck railings with glass provides protection and durability.

Sharp edges with metal or wood deck railing materials can cause cuts, scrapes, and bumps. Statistics show more than 20,000 children are injured yearly in Canada due to home accidents. Glass deck railings can reduce the number of those injuries.

Make safety a priority in your glass railing budget.

Tempered glass is smooth and thick. Installing deck railings ensures protection from high winds and debris.


Regardless of what your home looks like, glass railings are versatile. They go with any style of your home. You can work with a designer to make them a good fit.

The glass looks great with wood, brick, and metal accents.

Glass railings are a modern, contemporary look; however, you can mix the old and the new.

Low Maintenance

Avoid spending time cleaning your deck materials. Spend time with family and friends, and enjoy your outdoor space!

According to a recent poll from Ipsos Reid, most Canadians enjoy cleaning their home. However, cleaning should have to be difficult and time-consuming! Glass railings are low maintenance and easy to clean.

Once you install glass - you're done! There's no staining, refinishing, or painting. Use the same glass cleaner you would on other glass in your home.

The Pros of Installing Glass Railings on Your Deck

The pros of installing glass railings on your deck include safety, versatility, and durability. Glass railings are also low maintenance. You will see the immediate benefits of glass railings once you install them on your deck!

Hire us at Verrage Glass and Mirror, Inc. to make glass deck railings for your home. Our expert team will take great care and pride in your deck with a quick, fast, and easy installation.

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