What You Need to Know About Digitally Printed Glass

A digitally printed glass stands out in the window.

Few resources have been as essential to humans as glass. In fact, we've been using man-made glass since at least 3500 BC

Glass is, of course, all around you, but you may not give much thought to its design or how that design has evolved. 

Now there's an exciting new trend in glass: digital printing. What makes digital printing on the glass so special?

Here's what you need to know about digitally printed glass.

How It Is Made

So how does the digital printing process work? 

It starts with a digital file. This file could be an image, symbol, or pattern. This design is printed onto the surface of the glass. 

However, the ink used is ceramic. It is also thermally cured. This makes the design difficult to damage or remove, ensuring it remains for a long time. 

Digital print designs have proven to be popular when choosing glass for commercial buildings. Check out some projects Verrage Glass has done for our commercial clients.

How to Use Digital Printed Glass in Your Home

Digitally printed glass isn't only for commercial buildings. It's a great option to use in your home.

For your bathroom, a digital print design could be incorporated into your shower. This is a great idea if you want to customize your bathroom with a distinct pattern or design. 

A glass print design can make for a stunning backsplash for your kitchen space. Plus, it's easy to clean. 

Got a favourite memory? One of the best ways to preserve your favourite memory is to have it preserved in art

Have it digitally printed on glass, then display it as art. Use it to spruce up a bedroom or make it the focus of your living room. 

You could even create a glass tabletop using a custom-printed design. 

For your home's exterior, consider adding a glass panel fence (with a digital design). This will allow you to safely enjoy your time by the pool or on the balcony. These glass solutions can be made to be bird safe.

If you do decide to use a glass fence, make sure you understand the local laws. There are likely height restrictions and other requirements. For example, the City of Vaughan has specific fence height regulations.

These are just a few ideas. Wherever you want to make an impression, a digitally printed glass design will do it. 

What You Need to Know About Digitally Printed Glass

What you need to know about digitally printed glass is how incredible it is. It's easy to have a gorgeous custom piece of glass. 

Verrage can help with your digital printing on glass needs. If you need custom glass cutting in the Richmond Hill area or are looking for commercial glass in Vaughn, let us be your one-stop shop for all of your glass needs.

We can deliver a custom glass product to meet your commercial or residential needs. 

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