Why Antique Mirrors Are Making A Comeback in Home Design

A pile of antique mirrors

There’ll always be a place in home décor for antiques, and mirrors are no exception. Antique mirrors can appeal to many different esthetic types, from bohemian to elegant to old-world romance. And folks aren’t opting only for heirlooms and second-hand anymore. Modern custom treatments can create brand-new mirrors with the distressed look of antiques. Here are a few reasons antique mirrors are seeing an interior decorating renaissance.

All the light with more embellishment

Antique mirrors are versatile. They can be both functional and decorative. Mirrors serve the practical functions of amplifying light and adding a sense of expansiveness to your space. Although the conventional approach to mirrors has been modernist, with clean lines and spare design, antique mirrors let you enjoy all the functionality of mirrors with more dramatic flair.

The romance of another time and place

If your decorating style leans towards the whimsical or imaginative, antique mirrors let you indulge your sense of adventure. The distressed look evokes a sense of tradition and history, conjuring the spirit of a Jane Austen novel. The unique embellishments in mirror frames may hearken back to a historical era like the Baroque, or they may echo the style of an exotic culture.

A unique decorating statement

An antique mirror allows you to express your unique sense of style in a one-of-a-kind way. It can be fun to scour thrift shops and estate sales for second-hand pieces to bring home and fit into your existing décor. An antiqued and distressed-looking mirror gallery wall can make a striking statement. Imagine the impact you could make by having a custom antique mirror made to fit the size of your space.

A fresh way to play with colour

Conventional mirrors aren’t often associated with colour, but the distressing and embellishment possibilities of antique mirror treatments open a whole new range of options. With colour variations like champagne, golden antique and cobalt blue, your custom antique mirror can be embellished or distressed to complement a palette of your choice.

Custom antique mirrors in Markham, Thornhill and the surrounding area

Antique mirrors let you bring a unique character and charm into your space. Whether you know the exact mirror you want or need a little help bringing your vision to life, Verrage Glass and Mirrors Inc. can help. We’ve worked with home and business owners in Woodbridge, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Aurora Markham, Vaughan, plus many surrounding communities. Contact us today to talk to a custom glass expert about your antique mirror ideas.