Energy Efficiency with Commercial Glass for Office Buildings

An office building with energy-efficient commercial glass windows

If you own a commercial building or manage a business in the Greater Toronto Area, you know how difficult it can be to manage energy consumption in a professional environment. This is particularly true when we consider that, in a post-pandemic context, more employees are abandoning the idea of working from homes and getting back to their offices, which further increases energy consumption in commercial areas.

In a scenario like this, finding solutions that increase energy efficiency is fundamental, and this is where energy-efficient commercial glass comes into place. But how can this type of glass benefit your business and how does it impact the environment? Let’s look into it.

The Benefits of Energy-efficient Commercial Glass

Energy Cost Reduction

One of the most noticeable benefits that energy-efficient commercial glass brings to your company is a significant reduction in energy consumption. These types of glass are designed to act as insulators to help you manage temperatures in a more efficient way. Since most of the energy spent in commercial areas comes from heating and cooling systems, having reliable insulation solutions can significantly reduce your energy costs.

Eco-Friendly Solution

Apart from helping you save on electricity costs, energy-efficient commercial glass can also be environmentally friendly. Since most power sources have a negative impact on the environment, high energy consumption will inevitably increase your carbon footprint. By installing windows made of glass that are energy efficient in your property, you are reducing the impact your business has on the environment. For that reason, choosing a type of glass that reduces energy consumption also means choosing an eco-friendly solution.

Understanding How Energy-efficient Glass Work

In order to have a better understanding of how energy-efficient glass can help you reduce energy consumption in your commercial building, it is important to take a look at the technologies involved in each type of glass and how they work.

Insulated Glass

Generally speaking, insulated glass is made by two panes of glass that are put together with a layer of inert gas between them. The gap between the panes as well as the inserted gas act as insulators, which helps you reduce heat transfer between the internal and external area of the building. In other words, insulated glass can help you keep your building cool in the summer and warm in the winter without heavily relying on heating and cooling systems.

Vacuum Insulated Glass

In essence, vacuum insulated glass is similar to insulated glass, as it also uses two panes that are attached to each other. However, in vacuum insulated glass, there is no addition of gas between the panes and vacuum is used instead. Some consider this technology to be more efficient as the vacuum layer significantly reduces heat transfer. For that reason, vacuum insulated glass is regarded as an excellent choice for those looking for energy-efficient glass options.

E-coating Technology

Another alternative for enhancing energy efficiency in commercial buildings is preventing UV light from reaching the internal areas of the property. This is where E-coating comes in handy. This technology consists of thin layers of silver or other materials that are put on glass to prevent the passage of UV radiation while also allowing visible light to pass through. The result is an energy-efficient glass that keeps the indoor environment bright with natural light while keeping it cool due to the lack of UV radiation in the building. Having e-coating technology applied to your commercial glass can significantly reduce costs on cooling systems.

Other Benefits of Energy-efficient Glass

Besides being an environmentally friendly heating management solution and a great alternative to reduce energy costs in your commercial building, energy-efficient glass can also bring several other benefits to your business. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Sound Insulation

In many cases, heat insulation technology is also associated with sound insulation. For instance, both insulated and vacuum insulated glass windows will reduce the transmission of sound between the internal and external area of the building. Sound insulation is particularly important in noisy areas and can significantly improve employee performance depending on the location and nature of your business.

Reduction of UV Radiation

As explained before, the application of e-coating in commercial glass reduces the levels of UV radiation in your commercial property. Apart from keeping your building cool, the reduction of UV radiation also means reducing the health risks associated with it as well as preventing furniture and other items from being damaged due to long exposure. This is particularly important in areas that suffer from direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Improved Security

You would be surprised to know that energy-efficient glass can also enhance security in your building. Since most glass products related to energy efficiency are thicker than traditional glass, having them installed in your property can make it more difficult for intruders to break in. If apart from electricity costs, security is also a major concern for your commercial property, you have one more reason to consider energy-efficient glass for your business.

Resale Value

Having reliable and energy-efficient glass installed in your commercial building can significantly increase the resale value of your property. This is particularly true when we consider all the benefits that this type of glass brings to your business. For instance, a building with improved security, high energy efficiency and eco-friendly windows is more likely to stand out and attract possible buyers.

Commercial Glass Products in the Greater Toronto Area

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